We’ll Make This Through

by Yani on March 7, 2012 · 0 comments in Personal

I always believe there’s something more behind those of your “I’m fine”s, “It’s okay”s, “Just forget it”s and else. You’re being too nice and I’m drowning in my own mistakes. You please me well instead of being mad or else. And this make me feels even more guilty.

For you, a simple sorry is enough when I’m here still cant forgive myself. I just cant describe anything and no words will never can explain what I did really feel.

Reminiscing back times we had, like seriously, there’s no doubt why I could make that one decision about last few months. With those promises we still hold onto I know there will be a chance for us and now we’re trying hard to make this for real.  Thanks for everything 🙂

And I would say, I saw God’s love in this person.

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