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by Yani on December 17, 2011 · 0 comments in Personal

Assalamualaikum wbt.

It’s hurt enough when you talk to someone, yes they listen to you. But they are not really hear you. They tried to understand what you are going to tell. But then, they stop the conversation. Or maybe, they keep on telling what they feel instead of listening and understanding what you are going to tell. Or just end with, “Okay, I understand you.” That’s all. Without knowing what you really mean.

I tried to speak out what I really want to tell you. Just in a different way. The way which I can call it like Kinayah, maybe? And yes, you never got me until now. It hurts me, enough. I just don’t know how am going to tell you.

So I just decided to keep this remains in its silence. Let Allah and I only who knew about this. Now, I could just pray to Him so that one day you will know what I really want you to know, what I really want from you. And how I wish that ‘one day’ is really going to be exist.

Or maybe, I was too much. I think too much. Never try to appreciate what I had.  Maybe I need to stop comparing us with other people. We have our own style, right? :’)

If this is what Allah gave to me. Yes, I thank Him. I know there’s always be a reason for things had happened. It’s only the time that we need, to see what Allah had reserved for us. Well, He knows best. Right? :’)


#Sorry, fr everything. Promise, I’ll try to make this won’t happen again.

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