The way it should be

by Yani on December 5, 2011 · 0 comments in Personal

Assalamualaikum wbt.

i just don’t know if am doing the right thing. but fyi, i just do things the way i thought it should be. and for me, yeah this is the right thing since am not going to do things if i already knew they were wrong. or maybe my thoughts were completely different with other people.

i knew what other people don’t know. or maybe yes i just don’t know what other people knew too. but seriously the facts i got had convinced me to do what i already did. and i don’t think it was such a bad thing to do when you already knew where you stand.

well i just don’t get it when people keep on talking about the not-so-true story and it seemed like the truth is going to be the wayyy not true lah. totally false. and automatically puff i would be the one who should be blamed. things went upside down.

so i just told to myself. just let them be. they have their own life also have their own rights to speak out their opinions. maybe they just don’t know what you knew. then just live your life to the fullest.


#hidup ni bukannya lama. kalau Allah nak kita mati lagi 5 minit pun boleh. apaapa pun berlaku baik buruk suka duka susah senang bahagia derita kena appreciate 🙂 




And yess. our memory. how i wish those words would come true. 

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