SPM Trial Result 2011

by Yani on August 28, 2011 · 0 comments in School

I’ve once post about my SPM Trial. And if you noticed, I didn’t get what I aimed for and that’s hurt me, enough. I only got B+ for my Addmaths and I just can’t forgive myself. Sometimes I just felt ashamed when confront my teacher. Same goes to my History. I only got 60. And that marks looked like I don’t go to school, learning History.

But then, I know and all people must know too that things reaaaalllyy happened for reasons. We, people plan, so do Allah. And He is The Best Planner. When we don’t get things we want, we must always bare in mind that we deserve things better than we need. And Allah knows better what we deserve for.

For this trial, I only got 6As and 3Bs. And you, congrates, I know you got better result than me. Am not even good like you. Tq. By the way, am not going to hebohheboh or whatsoever people would call it when am telling you my result. This would just be an expression. Fullstop. Well, it’s not that coollll when you got B for your History. Oh by the way, I got B too for my English. Well I expect high actually for my English. And now I just felt like giving up. There’s something in my mind about the marking. Well just let it be. I’m learning.

Back to top, I got A- for my Biology. That’s happy enough for me though it’s only A-. Know what, I melompat-lompat-dalam-bilik-guru-lelaki-tu-macam-dah-tak-ingat-dunia. Okay, malu gila =,=” bila ingat balik. And I got A- too for my Chemistry and Physics. I am happy enough cause last exam I only got B for these 3 subjects, Bio, Chem and Phy. Seee. Though Allah gave me B+ for my Addmaths, He gave me back 3A-s for my Chem, Phy and Bio.

But still, I can’t never forgive myself. Nevermind.

Still, thanks to Him. Syukur, ALHAMDULILLAH for what He gave me. I know, He knows better than me.

Shahril once told me, “Apa yang dah jadi, tak boleh dah nak baiki. Yang penting kat depan tu, SPM.”  Yeah, he’s right.


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