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by Yani on January 6, 2012 · 0 comments in Personal

Assalamualaikum wbt.

It’s been a few days since I last updating this blog. Like seriously. I should get a life! It looks like I don’t have any idea to talk and write about. Just now, I just booked a date for my computer test. This Tuesday, InsyaAllah. Or Wednesday, maybe. We’ll see how then. And to be truth. I haven’t finish yet. That 500 ques and answer book. Sokay then. Later, I will. Ahaa 😛


Just now jugak after performing my Isya’ prayer. I made myself nasi goreng Tomyam! Wuhuu. *Bangga kejap. Yes, I know. You cook better than me. But, hey. Who cares 😀 I’m proud of myself. Haha. Kecoh? Hell yeah. I am 😀 Guna instant perencah? A’ah memang pun. *Dang. HAHAHA. Actually lupa nak letak pes tomyam masa masak. Excited sangat. Haha. Dah.. Tak kisah la. Kenyang dah pun 😉


It’s been a few days.. And I’m glad to hear from you.

And I’d never expect dah kenyang-kenyang tu. Sambil-sambil buat air. I got a call! Huahuahua. Haru. Nak menangis boleh? *Kalau Ain, Irah, Anis mesti marah cakap macam ni. Haha But then, it only lasts for a few minutes. Since handphone pinjam -,-‘ Tapi, takpe. Thanks lah kepada kawannya yer! 😛

Then, dengan tak semena-mena I’d received a text. K, such a weird friend you had -,-‘ Masalah la tak bawak handphone sendiri. Kan dah jealous dengan orang lain. Haha. And tomorrow things will change. Maybe? I hope.


All in all. Like seriously. Have your faith in Him. Our Creator.

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