SBP Mid Year Exam

by Yani on April 28, 2011 · 2 comments in School


Secara jujurnya, persediaan untuk exam kali ni tidak setanding persediaan untuk TOV. Kebelakangan ni agak sibuk dengan mcm2 benda. Badan selalu je penat. Akhir2 ni jgk, selalu je tidur dalam kelas. Dan saya sgt sedih untuk itu. Sumpah.

Fr the first day exam, today we had History P1 and Bahasa. Both are just like sh– fr me. I cant memorise well espc, History plus I dont get enough time act fr study. Bahasa, seriously am not that kind of person who used to be so dramatic and so on. I just write whatsoever that had crossed my mind, and that’s it. Or maybe I can say that me myself dont even know what am just writing. IDK.

Hari demi hari, rasa diri ni semakin teruk.

About being a tutor fr Addmaths, I once used to think maybe I should aim failed fr my Addmaths so that I dont have to be a tutor anymore if that is the last way I can do. Seriously, sumpah I cant be a tutor fr Addmaths secara bertauliahnya. Kenapa susah sgt manusia nk faham. Its not that kedekut ilmu or whatsoever. I just cant hold the big word, ‘Ketua Addmaths’.

People, please understand.

Whatever it is, I do aim fr 9As act fr this exam, or maybe I should minimise my target since I dont even know what I just answered fr those ques ==”

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1 nurlina April 29, 2011 at 9:01 PM

gud luck my gurl…i noe u can do it…


2 Yanie kY April 29, 2011 at 9:26 PM

Hihi. InsyaAllah. Thanks Cg 🙂


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