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by Yani on January 22, 2012 · 0 comments in Personal

Assalamualaikum wbt and Hi !

It’s been a while maybe I didn’t update this blog. Ahaa. Takpe. Tak luak pun kan. So this time. This would be just a random update about me maybe, or you maybe or whoever you think. Aha.

And ehm. We start here, you know what. It’s been two nights already. It’s gone. Gone. The other dayyyy, I really hope these two nights would be spent to redeem those times we’d missed. Haha. Tapi tak kisah lahh (Though I kisah gak a bit. Aha) since I got to help my cousin with her studies. Until today, Physics, Chemistry and Addmath. Yes, those subjects. Those elective subjects T_T Truly said, I don’t know how to teach, seriously! But yes, I tried. To make people understand what I’m trying to tell them, to make them understand on that particular topics. I hoped it works. And that’s “Okay, saya faham.” I hoped that’s truly from them. Not to please me or whatever people would call it. Hm.

And today, I’d cleaned my room! Yes, this sounds.. nahh I don’t know. It looks like I’m so lazy to clean my room all this while. Haha. No! It’s not like that. Cuma this time sangat bersungguh-sungguh. Haha. Now, of course it’s clean! I mean, clean than before. Comel dan sangat cun okay. Haha. K, mengada -,-‘

And to you-know-who-are and I know you read this, since you are my Top10 followers. Haha. You know what, since the day we talked about that, truly said you impressed me much. You think about things.. yes jauh ke masa hadapan and that’s good! Well, we’re Muslims and of course Islam is our religion. You make me thinks sometimes. Haha. And I’ve once talked about this with that one person. I told that person the same you told me, it’s a long way to go ahead right? And this is what I remember from that person, “Sebab tu la kena sabar” and this one, “Semua dah besar, cuma tunggu masa je.” Just once I told that rasa macam dah besar bila bercakap pasal ni. Haha. And now, I just don’t know how are you now, please responds to me, ASAP! Haha. You know I cared about you so much right (Please, know it). And please always know that me always here for you 😀

The one I hold onto right now is, just watlekk watcool. Biasa-biasa. Don’t make it looks so obvious. Asal hati masing-masing tahu macam mana 😉 Tapi sekali-sekala nak mengada, menggedik tak salah kan. Haha. Well, just to remind since people forget 😉

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