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by Yani on February 15, 2012 · 0 comments in Personal

Assalamualaikum wbt and Hi.

It’s been a while since the last time this blog being updated, I think. Haha. Well, you know life as an SPM leaver just not that exciting much when you’re only sitting at home doing nothing unless log in into all social accounts you had and continue with your driving class just to get that one piece of driving license. Lol.

And you know what, the worst thing ever just happened to me. Yeah, it’s so-called worst. I fell down when riding the motorcycle. Lol lol lol. Yes, big laugh for me. And yeah poor me T_T. I just felt that I am the one who experienced this since I didn’t see any of them who fell down UNLESS me. Yes, me. Huh. And it left me a bruise! It’s already been a week I think and it still hurts 🙁

Well I’m just done with my 8hours driving class, going to continue with one and half hours later, then will have my QTI test. If I pass this, then I will continue with JPJ test. Wuhuuu. I’m planning to get my P license at least at the end of this month. Do pray for me! 😀

And, I’m totally broke now 🙁 I wish I had infinity cash you know then I can buy anything I want. Lol. Like seriously I really need a job now T_T I’ve tried. Asking here and there if there’s any job vacancy. And it’s none! Le sigh…..

And those who reading this, if you know any job vacancy out there, please, do inform me! Heuheuheu~

And to you know who you are and I know you don’t even read this at this moment (lol) this,

I just don’t know whether a week sounds a long time or not. But yeah, you know waiting is kinda ZzzZZZ. It hurts a little though. But then you’ll know the sweetness as soon as you get what you’ve been waiting for. Lol. What is this?! K bye. Wassalam~

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