Note To Self #2 – Patience and Prayer

by Yani on January 13, 2012 · 0 comments in Islam

This one, I love the most. Truly I said, I never know until I found this, just now. Yes, am not so into this Agama thingy. Yet I still know the limit when it comes to Islam. What surprise me was this is what I hold onto all this while. Patience and prayer. I was like okay-nak-menangis-pun-ada-dada-rasa-macam-nak-pecah. You may think that I’m too much but serious, this is true. Okay, whatsoever. The feeling I felt just, indescribable.

And dear people on earth (and of course, dear me!), always remember,

“And this is Allah’s promise. Have your faith in His plans and timing.”


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