Lighten The Future

by Yani on January 30, 2012 · 0 comments in Personal

Assalamualaikum wbt and Hi 🙂

Well today I went to that so-called “Karnival Jom Masuk U” What so-called? Yes! Yes, that’s carnival. A place where a lotttt of students there looking for informations about those uni things.

And now, am so into Chemical Engineering. It’s either polymer or food. Pharmacy? Keras sangat derr -,-‘ Well, I got to know that there’s not much students who are in this study programme. I mean, polymer. Same goes with there’s not much knows about this. Polymerrrr. Thanks, Puan Nurlina Isa. I love you <3

I just love Chemistry, since the teacher was my Mentor. Hahaha. K, jk. I don’t know, so far yes, I love Chemistry 🙂 Hope this would last long so am not that bored studying in that programme. Thought of going to MICET under UniKL. Since they got only 30/50 students for one batch. Fewwit~ I aimed for UM exactly and overseas of course if murah rezeki. Siapa mahu tolak 😉

I just feel this is too early when talking about this. I’m just wonder what on my friends’ minds. Do they think like me or even moreee think about this than me. Or, I dont know -,-‘

But Abid always said, we need to plan our future from now. Get to know your interest, the uni you want to get into, the course you want to study and so forth. And truly said, I’m envy him much -,-‘ He’s like knows every single thing about what he’s going to do next! This, not fair. But yes, he’s right anyway. And thank you for encourage me to do plan my future 😀 Though it’s only like.. Ehem. But yeah. I tried!

**Thanks to Wana and friend. Also Syahmi and Baihaqi for accompanied me before my brother fetch me up. And those XIs I met, yes. I’m happy 😀

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