The last, post.

by Yani on November 7, 2011 · 0 comments in School

Salam dan hi 🙂

The title should be the last post as a school student. haha. Ni mungkin post terakhir sebagai pelajar sekolah since balik nanti bukan lagi sebagai pelajar sekolah. Haha. Sad though. School is going to be over. Sokkay then. We have to move on, right.

Banyak benda berlaku kat sekolah, suka pahit manis menyampah semua ada. And yes I’m trying to appreciate all those things. Lepas ni mana ada lagi weyh! haha. Sumpah I’ll miss all these people,

And those teachers.. I’ll miss you, no doubt. Forgive for all my mistakes. Do pray for me teachers, iloveyou.

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