4th, June

by Yani on June 5, 2011 · 0 comments in Personal

4th June 2011 – 11.20 pm.

Dear Yanie, remember this date.

Apa yang nak diberitahu telah pun diberitahu walaupun tidak dirancang. So, no worries. Kalau dia boleh cari, then it’s good. Tapi kalau tak, takpelah. Takde rezeki untuk dia tahu apa yang awak rasa.

And you, please don’t think too much bout this. Berhenti. Cukup sampai malam ni. When I’m no longer in this world, then you can continue thinking bout this. And, if you can, find that thing sampai jumpa. K, thanks a lot for being my friend all this while. May this last forever. Iloveyou 🙂


**And, the secret is no longer a secret. *Dang

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