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It’s already been 2 weeks I think since I’m come back from the exchange student programme. Things were not going well like planned, I thought. Since the aim for this programme is to know on how the student study or whatever and whatever. The most important thing here for this programme was totally about academic. But then, poor us. The day we went there, all of them were busy preparing for their Annual Sport Day. Nights and days, 4 of us just listened the ‘Baby’ and ‘Para-para Sakura’ song. HAHA.

But then, it’s okay. Like Nik said, “dalam kekurangan, ada kelebihan” So, 4 of us got to join their Sport Day, and it was totally awesome compared with SESTER.

Students there, totally superb. They treat people well. And I love the way they treat new students like us. HAHA.

The best part is water. HAHAH. Since SESTER was in crisis about water, we were totally excited been there since the water was very cool and for sure, well-supplied. Enough for all students. Gahahaha.

“Hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri. Lebih baik di negeri sendiri” So, that’s all from me. Well, things have their pros and cons. Hence, manage it well.

And here are some photos 🙂

And, that’s all. Ok dah. Bye.

Intergomb, SESTER. May Allah bless us, always. Struggle fr SPM 2011 😀


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