In the Midst of All

by Yani on December 24, 2011 · 0 comments in Personal

Assalamualaikum wbt.

It’s funny when you said that you afraid to read my post since you might not understand them and that incident might be occur, again. Haha. Please. Understand me. I’m not angry at you, at all. Am just wanted to tell you something that I really want to tell you, something that you must know why I was like that, that night. Something that everyone used with it but not us.

But I just can’t tell you, straight away just like that. My bad. This is different. You should know by yourself. And please, never told me this is your first time as your excuse then you do not understand all this. Me too! This is my first time too.

That’s why we need to learn with things happened surrounding us. With people surrounding us. They are not just our friends we used to mingle with, we used to tell our problems and so forth. Their problems as well as their experiences we could take them as our lessons too, right 🙂


Annddd too bad, if you don’t read this and those post before this. You should, so you could know what my says? Maybe?

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