Humans Are Equal

by Yani on February 15, 2012 · 0 comments in Personal

Assalamualaikum wbt and Hi.

I don’t know how to start this. But hey you know that we’re all the same right. We’re all from Adam and Eve. We’re living under this wide sky. I have my own stories and so do you. But the only thing which probably make us different is our attitude. The way we confront this world matters maybe is our difference.

Please. Stop hating. Sometimes we do not realize our mistakes. We think that’s only a joke yet we don’t know that hurts other people way so much! And that doesn’t matter actually. You just need to realize your behavior and please stop it asap when you’re just hurting them instead of making them feeling happy. Well, just stop pointing at each other. Maybe we should have our own self-reflection on what we’ve done all this while. Stop bringing up the past. We live in this present. Not in the past anymore right. Stop mocking at each other too! It doesn’t bring you anywhere unless you’ll feel much better when you just managed to hurt others’ feeling and make you feel satisfied. Lol. Poor you.

If you know it’s your fault, be brave to seek for forgiveness. If not, then what to do. Just stop doing that wrong things. Forgive and try to forget those things 🙂

This post is surely from me and also a note to myself. Yeah, this maybe a so-called self-reflection? Whatever. No one even cares. Lol. And if any of you do not feel comfortable with this post, maybe you should realize. I’m talking about you actually. Lol. HAHAHAHA. K jk. Maybe you should realize you’re just the person who’s in that category. Lol. And now you should know, what you must do next right.


Stop hating. Spread the love. Iloveyou~

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