Graduation Day 2011

by Yani on November 4, 2011 · 0 comments in School

3rd Nov, 2011.

Just a big day for fivers. Besar dah semua anak mamapapa, maayah, makabah umiwalid, daddymummy 😀

**These photos tell you the story. Tk tulis banyak2 ah 🙂


#1 Kekuatan <3

#2 Anis dan nenek yang comel

#3 Mentor sayang, Pn Noraidah aka Chem tc 🙂

#4 Kalau kau thee-vah, kitorang vogue. HAHA

#5 Rocking Batani

#6 Abid aka Kapten Sigma?

#7 Loves,

#8 Ezat, beestbestbestfriend 🙂


Things went well.. Thanks teachers, for everything. Thanks Ma Ayah,for always supporting me. Thanks friends for always be by my side.


#more photos at Huda’s & Irah’s


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