Everything Gonna Be Okay

by Yani on January 25, 2012 · 0 comments in Personal

Assalamualaikum wbt and Hi.

This is just for you. The one who might knows that I’m writing this for you. And yes, you should know that I’m writing this for you, love. Since you’re going back to your place tomorrow (haha) then I hope you still could open this page and read this.

And if you’re reading this now, please know that I’m always care for you. Thank you for believe in me and tell those problems you had. And please always know that I’m always here for you. For you to cry on, for you who’s always asking for my opinions, I think.

That one thing, which you told me the other day. I bet everything is okay now, right. Good for you. I know, you were just in a hard time at that moment. It’s hard when things you love, you have to put them away when you’re just not have any strong excuses to do so.  But please, always stay strong since you already knew this,

Right? Hewww. Now, am glad. Very glad. To know that everything is okay now. Back to the normal. And please, always acts cool. Jangan gelabah lebih. The most important is, always follow your heart 🙂

I’m sorry though if I can’t help you. Well, this is your first experience right. And I don’t have mine yknow. And wish never for one. Haha. Pray for me!

Anddd, take care! Stay slim and gorgeous! Heww 😀


Lots of love, Yani.


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