Dear you,

by Yani on June 2, 2011 · 0 comments in Personal

Sometimes we felt, that life isn’t fair. You get this and that. And I just watching you happy and more happier each day, and I, bleeding inside. But somehow we should always remember that things happen for reason. Allah is The Best Planner 🙂

Well, dear you, take this opportunity for you to be with Him, get closer with Him. Take this opportunity for you to get yourself some space. For you to have your own life. For you not to think about others. For you to feel how sweet is life and so forth that you couldn’t reach before. Sincerely from me, you just did a good thing. Seriously. Take this not-so-longer-time for you, being yourself. Not what other people wanna see. Okay ?

Love, Yanie.

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