Appreciate The Little Things

by Yani on February 21, 2012 · 0 comments in Personal

Assalamualaikum wbt and Hi.

I know this post maybe sounds a bit cliché, or a lot. Nahh. Whatsoever. But truly said, realising the fact that I’m not longer a school kid, that tear up me a bit. I miss those kiddos like seriously.

Siti Huda Razali. My deskmate, bestmate, teacher, partner, listener and all. Nahh. I miss this girl a lot. How she would teach me until I got to understand certain topics like.. Yeah. How we would share about those future things, lovey dovey things? Omomooommmm. It hers only. Lol. Hahaha. Sorry for not replying your text, it’s not that I ignored you. I’m just, currently in bed at that moment. Lol. So, HELLO too girl 😀

Izzat Safuan! This is the best male friend I got whom I shared everything with. I’m still remember those moments when we went to the bookstore and planned to study together once we got into SESTER. Lol. That moment when your parents knows me as a pharmacist? Lol lol lol. Ameennn though 🙂

And also this one Wirawati, Nurhadhirah Tasnim. The one I spent a lot of time being with.  And the truth is I’m envy her much with activities she had now. I mean, she’s now in PLKN.

Same goes with this Wira, Khairul Abid! Nahhh. I’m envy him much. These days, he’s the one I’m sharing things with, feeling with? Lol. And I miss him a lot too 🙁

Anis Aida. I miss how she used to teach Irah on how to scold people  and so forth. *I’m smiling writing this.* Then I would laugh out loud until tears rolling down my cheeks *lol* and my stomach felt like going to burst! Like seriously! Hahahaha.

Her partner, Ain Amanina. This one girl, HAHAHAHA. The way she talked ‘n’ language *ke apa ntah lupa* but that’s seriously funnehh. Nahhh. I miss that language now. Lol. Oh and oh! Btw, she got one best person. It’s a long time ago. They’ve been together for a long long long time! Ommooo. I’m praying for the best for you 🙂

Mira Ashikin, Arifah and Elly. Please know, I miss those time we’d been together. How I wish things still like before. Like seriously. But yeah, you know. Everything changed with time. But still, you’re all the best things happened in my life 😀

Abdul Muim. Nahh, How come he being listed here. Lol. I don’t how I come up being nice with him. Shared things with him including my personal? Huohoho. He maybe looks a bit mischievous outside. The truth is, nahhh he’s a good listener okay. Trust me.

And also my long time best friend, Ahmad Shahril. We’d being friends since 6 years old! Being in kindergarten together, primary school, secondary school and also end up being in SESTER together. Lol. Just if you read this, please know that I do care for you and please always be my friend. And I hope you still remember about things we’d promised that night 🙂

And our baby Aina Nadia! Huohohoh. She used to study at Batani. And being teased with these kiddos, that’s a usual thing. Hahaha. And also her best partner, Syahmi aka Abu. Lol. How come this boy being here -___-

And there’s a lot actually. If I’m listing everyone here, I just don’t know when this would finish. So just if you read these, dear friends please always know I’m missing you now 🙁 *Tiba-tiba tak sabar ah nak ambik result. Lol lol lol.


*Oh, btw just ignore the order. It’s just random things came across my mind 🙂

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