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by Yani on January 12, 2013 · 1 comment in Personal

Assalamualaikum wbt. What a long time I no update this Azyani.com yeah I knew this sounds cliche. Pardon me. Lol.

What a hectic week I must say, yeah I’m just that exaggerate its not the hectic when it’s supposed to be hectic since my friends and I are now currently in our study week for final exam. Oh btw I think its not too late to wish you (who read this) happy new year 2013! Muehehehe. Yeah I’m just that lazy to write a new year post lol do I have to write this? K never mind.

And did you know that, (okay I’m going to talk about a place named, Irbid, Jordan where I’m living now) there is also snow! Hihi. Its started off with Amman, and the next day is Irbid! And what a miracle, this year is such a lucky year I must say when Irbid got its snow, hihi. Since they said there will only snow in Irbid every 4 years. Hm. Well, whatever happens we must always turn to our Almighty, Allah swt. This is all His plans :’)

That evening we off to Ajloun, and there was many things happened on our way back haha well maybe I should not right here or maybe yes I should write here! Since there is so many stories (false)  from the media and people keep talking about things yang ditokok tambah. (Retis kan kitorang pergi main salji kat Ajloun amik kau media bagai. Lol k abaikan sbb semua mcm dah reda.)  But yeah I’ m just that lazy to put everything here and now let the pictures talk! 😀


Hello! Hihi. This so-called snow heart is for you! Lol cam babreng hahaha.

From left; Kak Hannan, Ayuni, Ena, Nisa, Kak Belle, Yani cantik, Amal.

What you see now, this is true story. No gimmick at all. Snow storm!

Spot the thickness.


Sisters too. ( Lol. I’m bad at caption)

A bit blur because of the haze, serious talk.

Nak caption apa ntah.

Good friends FTW!

Here we go to our Mummy! Thank you Kak Mizah and husband for bringing us here. Take care of yourself and your baby! We cant wait to meet him/her soon! Hehe 😀


Am I that loser? Jakun gila. Hahahaha blah.

Serious talk, true story its snow storm! We cant even look at the camera!

Hihihi :’)

Stop calling me fat.

Indeed, this experience I will never forget, ever. For a first year student to experience being stranded by the road, because the road is too slippery and the car suddenly out of petrol. We stayed in the car for hours and did nothing unless yeah oh, we talked about politics in Malaysia? Hihi. About history, Islam and forth. Also some teka-teki to cherish ourselves at that moment. Lol hahaha. Got into a so-called truck from Civil Defence to go back to Irbid. And a big thank you to Senior Hashemi who keep on trying to call his friends for help. Kak Mizah also, pregnant-pregnant pun keluar kereta memalam pergi cari petrol naik kereta polis. Kesian baby sejuk >.<


Oya took this picture and of course this is not our car. Lol. Btw, Alhamdulillah we safely arrived in Irbid at 11pm, by a so-called truck from Civil Defence!  HAHA. Cool en lol.





And honestly said, I’m glad to have these friends and seniors surrounding me who keep on exposing me to new knowledge of Islam and ah, indescribable. Its true that His plans are the best for me to be here.


Loves, Yani.

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loves yaaaa !!!


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